3" x 200' Thermal


Pack of 50

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3" x 200' Thermal

Thermal Paper Rolls
BPA Free Thermal Paper

Fits the following POS machines:

Axiohm 7156, 7193, 7196, A715, A716, A756, A758, A760, A793, A794, A795
Citizen CBM1000, CBM230, CBM231, CBM293, IDP3210, IDP3310, LT380
DH Print 1500
EPSON M129B, Epson M129C, Epson TM-H5000, Epson TM-H5000 II, Epson TM-H6000, Epson TM-T80, Epson TM-T85, Epson TM-T88, Epson 88 Epson TM-T88II, Epson TM-T88III, Epson TM-T88IV, Epson T90 Series, Epson TMU 6000
Fujitsu Team POS DT50
Hypercom T77-T
IBM 4610T1 Suremark, IBM 4610T12 Suremark, IBM 4610T13 Suremark, IBM 4610T14 Suremark, IBM Suremark TM6, IBM TM7, IBM TF6, IBM TF7, IBM 4651, IBM 4655, IBM 4659
Ithaca Per. PcOS 80 Series, Ithaca 80 Plus Series, Ithaca 181 Series, Ithaca Series 280 iTherm
MICROS TM-T88, Micros 8700 Thermal
NCR 7156, NCR 7158, NCR 7167, NCR 7193, NCR 7194, NCR 7197, NCR 7445-2000, NCR 7450, NCR 7452
Panasonic 5000
Radcliffe Big Chief EFT06
Remanco Geac Color PC Workstation
Samsung SRP350
Seiko DPU 5300
Spectra 1000
Star Micronics SCP700, Star TSP100, Star TSP300 Series, Star TSP400 Series, Star TSP500 Series, Star TSP600 Series, Star TSP 700 Series, Star TSP2000 Series
Tec RKPTH 5000
Tokheim Spectra Model 1000
Transact Ithaca 80 Series
Uniwell UX7500
+Many MORE POS and Credit Card Machines.

3 1/8" x 200' Thermal Paper
3.125" (80mm) Width
2 15/16" (75mm) Diameter
Core size 7/16

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