About us

Medi Log Services Inc, Mother compnay of medilogix.ca/Terrax.ca, was founded by two brothers Ripal Patel and Nirav Patel in 2013 as a innovative Business. As name suggest Medi Log Services Inc it foucuses on Medical, Logistic, Stationary and Confidential Shredding.

We are one stop shop for Pharmacy Professional and also for Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants and other businesses.

RipalPatel holds Masters and bachelors in Engineering and Professional Engineer in European continent. He also has black belt certificate in Six Sigma (Quality Management). Nirav Patel holds bachelor in Biotech Science.

They have decided to open Medi Log services Inc by sacrificing their well paid jobs. RipalPatel is formerly employed in the UK and held Senior manufacturing engineering position.

As an engineering and science graduate they wanted to come up with something distinct idea in London, Ontario, since we moved from UK. RipalPatel has learnt one phrase in Management that is the slogan “There is no such thing as a Business Strategy”. If you have something innovative or distinct you will survive in business.

Since company started its business has grown twenty fold in nine years. Our clientele includes big super market chains, Corporate and Private pharmacies, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers and other businesses across Ontario.

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