Reclamation and Remediation

Terrax will conduct a pre-reclamation inspection to determine the scope and duration of your project. Our proposal will set out a program to successfully remediate and reclaim your lease in a cost-effective manner.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA)
Terrax can provide a detailed Phase I ESA file review and site inspection. The Phase I ESA is used to determine the likelihood of contamination on the site.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (Phase II ESA)
A Phase II ESA is required if the Phase I ESA indicates the likelihood of contamination for the site. It is an intrusive site assessment that delineates potential environmental liabilities.

Development of Reclamation and Remediation Programs and Budgets
The location will be assessed by qualified personnel. Funds will be allocated for labour, equipment, materials, and laboratory services to be used in the development of reclamation and remediation programs and budgets and is provided to the client in an AFE friendly budget format.

Contamination Assessment and Phase III Site Clean-up
Our team of qualified personnel will coordinate the remediation activities and make appropriate selections of equipment to minimize costs.

Reclamation Project Supervision
The reclamation project will be supervised by a qualified professional who will coordinate the reclamation activities to meet current wellsite reclamation criteria.

Detailed Site Assessments
Terrax provides a detailed site assessment of vegetation, soil, and topography to determine if the site meets current wellsite reclamation criteria. Reclamation recommendations are made if necessary.

Reclamation Certificate Application
Terrax will compile the full Reclamation Certificate Application package for the client including landowner notification.

Additional Reclamation Services
Vegetation monitoring including weed control and seeding programs
Erosion control
Livestock fencing
Timber scaling and salvage
Pipeline abandonment to regulatory standards
Equipment Removal and Salvage


Terrax provides services to address environmental and land use issues and can assist industry in meeting regulatory requirements.

Pre-Disturbance Assessments
Pre-disturbance data is obtained and quantified for soil, vegetation, topography, drainage, surface water, and wildlife associated with the site and surrounding area.

Environmental Field Reports (EFR)
EFR are required on all public lands in Alberta . Terrax will conduct the site assessment and submit the EFR form to the government.


Environmental Liability Assessments
Terrax provides environmental liability assessments to assist industry with their due diligence in establishing reclamation and remediation costs associated with the potential purchase of oil and gas assets.

Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring may be required for environmentally sensitive areas. Terrax can provide an experienced environmental monitor during operations to ensure project activity limits the environmental impact.

Sump Suitability
Terrax can provide sump suitability assessments to ensure the water table is within regulatory limits and the soil is impermeable.

Water Well Assessments
Terrax can provide water well assessments prior to seismic and drilling operations. This provides baseline data protecting the client and the landowner.

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